İnanlı Language  Center is a non govermental company  providing national and international courses in various fields.

İnanli Language Center  is a modern and dynamic company with professional organizational background and energic team.. The mission of Pamer  is to provide  good quality education service for the students and adults in various fields. Our main goal is to provide complex services on a professional level ensuring our clients’ satisfaction.


İnanlı Language  Center’s  staff  have experience and expertise in:


Organising conferences, workshops, seminars, informal meetings;

Organizing campaigns and other media events;

Coordinating international project teams;

Developing the working methodology for promoting actions in partnership at national and European level;

Drafting materials designed to promote  schools images;

Designing the general and the specific objectives of international projects;

Developing and writing projects in the field of education and vocational training

Organising international teacher training courses on various topics