İzmir is at Turkey’s uniqe geography which connects Asia and Europe, The Black Sea and Mediterranean, the Eastern point of West, the western point of East.

İzmir is city of tourism. In and around the city, İzmir has rich tourism potential and resources and also an average of 300 sunny days has been living in a year.

İzmir city of universities. It has 9 universities.

İzmir is city of history and archeology, in and around the city, there are many historical and arheological richessness. Efes, Bergama, Agora and Mother Mary’s House have been the most well- known examples of the İzmir’s 8500 years history.

İzmir is the city of culture and art, with it’s thousands years of traditions; İzmir became a center for diffeerent cultures and arts, hosted a lot of international culture and art activities and become a geography bringing together aesthetics and creativity.

İzmir is the city of development, change and transformation which continiously improves of its life quality and education. Young population of İzmir is dynamic and continiously changing.

  • Turkey’s 3rd most developed city
  • The pivotal city of the Aegean region of Turkey
  • Covers an area of 12,012 km2in the western part of Anatolia.
  • A population of 3.9 million
  • A warm climate, 300 sunny days a year
  • Fertile agricultural hinterland fed by 3 main water basins
  • The winding coastline resulting in countless, beautiful bays and beaches
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